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BÅL nordic campfire tea in aluminum pouch
Nordic Campfire Smoked Tea


BÅL - Nordic Campfire Smoked Tea

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At the heart of this blend is a black tea smoked over pine needles that will transport you to an outdoor campfire deep in a nordic woodland. If you love the smell of a wood fire or peaty scotch, you'll likely fall in love with BÅL.

  • BÅL means campfire in Norwegian
  • black tea smoked over pine needles is blended with birch bark, soothing peppermint and chamomile
  • smokey on the nose, while velvety smooth on the palate
  • lightly caffeinated 
  • 100% natural tea blend - 50g

DIRECTIONS: Steep for 5-10 minutes, depending on preferred intensity. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: pine-needle smoked black tea, peppermint leaves, chamomile buds, birch bark

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intense smokey scent of this tea blend, those sensitive to anything smokey should avoid. It's a very particular flavour profile that some may find too much for their liking. 

"This is the perfect tea to put in a thermos and bring with you into the woods. Even on the frostiest day, this tea will comfort and soothe. Being someone who has always loved campfires & wood stoves this tea is heartwarming nostalgia in a mug."