OUR SPRING BOOK ORDER HAS ARRIVED! Pop into our Bloomfield shop to explore the beautiful selection of books, cards, journals + puzzles!




Our products are handmade in micro batches (less than 24) in the village of Bloomfield, which lies in the heart of Prince Edward County, ON.



All of our products are carefully wrapped & packed using as little materials as possible, while ensuring our products are protected and travel well.

Trish formulates and packages everything herself, ensuring you're receiving the highest quality product possible!



We encourage customers to repurpose and re-use jars, tins & bottles whenever possible. Some ideas:

  • 8oz amber glass candle jars make great desk & bathroom organizers, holding everything from pens, pencils, clips, makeup brushes, hair accessories, q-tips, etc.

  • 3oz aluminum tins are ideal for storing spices, dried herbs, vitamins, etc.

  • burlap sacks are the perfect size for storing garlic, ginger, shallots, whole coffee beans, baby potatoes, etc.

  • HYDRAT bottles can be used as a refillable soap dispenser in your kitchen or washroom

  • FRÄSH bottles are the perfect size to refill with a linen or room spray



Ensuring my customers receive stellar service and have an enjoyable experience with my products means EVERYTHING to me.

Having worked in customer service roles much of my life, I know how important providing good service is, from start to finish. I created SCANDISKIN to bring people joy - not frustrate or annoy anyone!

Please, PLEASE let me know if you are not satisfied in any way. I am very green and have a lot to learn, so sharing honest feedback and ideas about how I can improve is like gold to me.

Thank you so much for visiting and the support. Hope to see you again soon!