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SCANDISKIN was created for like-minded individuals who enjoy quiet moments and strive to live a slower, more meaningful life. We are people who are happiest out in nature, love a long soak in the tub and have candles + plants littering most surfaces in our homes. We cherish quiet moments nestled under a wool blanket with a cup of tea and good company.

“I’ve been fascinated by Nordic design & culture since my teenage co-op days at IKEA. I always admired Scandinavians for their equality-focused values and practical-meets-functional attitude towards life and design.” - Trish Dyer-Wolff, Owner/Creator of SCANDISKIN

WHAT IS SCANDISKIN? - SCANDISKIN is a lifestyle brand/boutique inspired by our Nordic neighbours who live balanced, nature-focused lives and are renowned for their flawless glowing complexions, respect for nature and love of all things cozy & intimate. Incorporating nature into our everyday lives and slowing down to enjoy simple pleasures is what we are all about.
SCANDI + SKIN - Anyone living in a cold-climate like ours understands the stress our skin is put under in the winter. Frigid winds and dry indoor air can wreak havoc on skin and yet Scandinavians seemed to have it all figured out. Ingredients like sea kelp, Nordic berries (cloudberry, sea buckthorn + elderberry), arctic herbs, glacial clays, and sea salt from Iceland can be found in our curated selection of skin and body care products imported from across Scandinavia and Iceland. We also offer home spa tools made of natural fibres like sisal, jute, ramie and bamboo. From dry-brushes to bath mitts, we carry a unique selection of self-care products.
WOOL WOOL WOOL - I have always had a fondness for wool and wanted to share that love with my customers by offering a variety of high-quality wool products sourced from Ireland, Iceland and Denmark, so we also offer a gorgeous selection of premium wool products. 

THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING - When it comes to product packaging and shipping materials, our goal is to use as little as possible, reuse shipping supplies when possible, and provide ideas and ways for our customers to get creative with bottles and jars when they have been used up. It is VERY important that our customers understand why we have made certain choices in regards to shipping materials & product packaging. We encourage our customers to do their best to reuse, repurpose, recycle or compost any materials at the end of its life cycle. We can't be there to divide up any paper from plastic materials, but have faith our awesome, nature-loving customers take that responsibility on themselves. ;) 

Packaging will always be eco-conscious & modest, while still being beautifully presented and functionally sound.

By the way, I’m Trish, the owner + creator of SCANDISKIN. :) Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about our brand values and read our story!

ABOUT TRISH - Trish has worked in a variety of fields from merchandising for Benefit Cosmetics(LVMH) to selling luxury retail and working in personal shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. Always dreaming of running her own boutique, SCANDISKIN was born from a love of all things Nordic, the joy of hygge, her passion for high-quality skincare and the belief that others can benefit from adapting a slower, more nature-focused lifestyle as Trish did after leaving her hectic life in Toronto.
She runs the boutique located in the beautiful village of Bloomfield in Prince Edward County, (Ontario) Canada. Trish also calls Bloomfield home and spends her days enjoying a quiet, nature-filled life with her husband Christopher, young son Beckett and two dogs Jazzberry + Jeff!

A moment of calm + joy at Sandbanks Provincial Park in the middle of January.