SCANDISKIN is a lifestyle & wellness brand aimed at delivering the Nordic Spa experience to customers in their home through the sale of wooden spa tools, nature candles, Nordic-inspired body oils, facial tonics, soaking salts, bath teas & scrubs, as well as specially curated, experiential 'home spa boxes'.

We focus on products made with mostly natural elements such as wood & wool, pulling from the Scandinavian design aesthetic which draws elements from nature to be used within our everyday lives and in our homes.


We source potent natural ingredients that can be found growing in the rugged regions across Scandinavia. Whether growing in coastal waters of the North Atlantic, in open meadows in Sweden, on birch trees in Nordic woodlands or in the fertile soils of volcano-dotted Iceland, the ingredients that go into our SCANDISKIN family of products were all thoughtfully chosen for their various skin benefits.


Nordic berry oils like cloudberry, sea buckthorn and elderberry are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and omega fatty acids. These do wonders for your skin, so we were eager to include them in our products!

sea buckthorn
SEA BUCKTHORN (found in:)
MELK Sea Buckthorn & Chaga Donkey Milk Soap


Clean, un-fussy design with a minimalist aesthetic and Nordic influences. Neutral colour palette, made up of greys, taupe, black, white, moss green, chartreuse, dark teal & sea foam blue reflects the natural landscape of Iceland. Wood grain elements, natural textures (wool, moss, coastal rocks) and expansive Nordic nature images that draw you in round out our nature-loving aesthetic!


When it comes to product packaging and shipping materials, our goal is to use as little as possible, reuse shipping supplies when possible, and provide ideas and ways for our customers to get creative with bottles and jars when they have been used up. It is VERY important that our customers understand why we have made certain choices in regards to shipping materials & product packaging. We encourage our customers to do their best to reuse, repurpose, recycle or compost any materials at the end of its life cycle. We can't be there to divide up any paper from plastic materials, but have faith our awesome, nature-loving customers take that responsibility on themselves. ;) 

"Packaging will always be eco-conscious & modest, while still being beautifully presented and functionally sound"

Speaking of plastic, we do our best to minimize the use of plastic packaging materials both in the shop and with our online orders. Some items require a plastic sleeve or bag for sanitary/protection purposes, but we do our best to avoid whenever possible.

Some of our incredible vendors have even agreed to send products without excess packaging materials, in order to minimize waste! Special shout out to Jimmy in the west of Ireland who supplies us with our beautiful woollen socks. Jimmy has been a great business partner and we appreciate him making adjustments to our shipments to ensure there is less waste going across the Atlantic. It means upon opening one of his boxes, the nostalgic smell of the Irish countryside greets our eager noses, rather than the scent of too much sterile packaging!  


We sometimes reuse shipping boxes we have received product in. We hope our customers understand and appreciate this choice to repurpose a shipping box if it's in perfect condition and ready for its next trip!

wood pulp void fill in box
  • We use unbleached wood pulp as void fill for much of our shipments, which can be reused in a variety of ways! Stay tuned for a blog post about all the neat ways you can repurpose wood pulp(excelsior). 

recycled denim void fill

  • For heavier shipments that require more protection, we use void-fill made up of recycled denim jeans. Used as an eco-alternative to traditional home insulation, it is lightweight and has incredible protective qualities when used for shipments. If you receive a package and are wondering what that blue soft 'foam' is, well it might very well be a pair of your old Levis!


Ensuring our customers expectations are being met and exceeded is one of our main goals and something I(Trish) take to heart.

"I'm constantly putting myself in the customers shoes and empathizing with them to better understand their wants & needs. We live in a very stressful time, so if I can bring my customer that extra bit of joy that wasn't expected or maybe they hadn't felt in awhile - wow, that would be magical and for me personally, the BEST feeling in the world!"

From the moment a guest visits our website, I want them to feel really good inside. On a digital platform it's tricky to capture that sense of calm + joy we get when out in nature and we experience a beautiful moment.

Whether it's a brightly lit sunrise or watching a bird fly low overhead, it's THAT feeling that I hope others experience when they wander our site. My hope is any stressful thoughts or worries that may have been preoccupying their mind will drift away.

A moment of calm + joy experienced at Sandbanks Provincial Park in the middle of January. x