exfoliating bath mitt made of hemp, linen and jute fibres



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Unlike a dry brush, this exfoliating mitt can be used in the bath or shower to buff away dead skin to reveal a smoother, more glowing complexion.

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  • made of 100% natural jute, hemp & linen
  • double-sided exfoliating mitt
  • use in bath/shower
  • meant for use on body - not for facial use
  • creates creamy lather when used with soap bar
  • rinse well after use and shake excess water then hang to dry
  • 9" (length)

    "Get the most out of your favourite bar of soap by scouring it against the wet mitt until it creates a creamy lather. Using gentle circular motions, buff your entire body (minus face) starting at your ankles and moving towards your shoulders. This will help improve circulation, while leaving your skin feeling buttery soft. Don't forget to use a hydrating body oil immediately after your bath/shower, as your pores will be open and craving moisture."

    Not recommended for use on delicate, damaged or sensitive skin