warm and neutral coloured Foxford 100% lambswool scarf in Country Tartan shade
black dog wrapped in country tartan coloured wool scarf



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In a cold climate, 100% wool will protect your skin and keep you warm & cozy better than any other natural fibre. These wool scarves are not scratchy or itchy, but rather soft and plush while being lightweight. Neutral hues mean they'll pair with anything you own and make a thoughtful gift for everyone who loves a beautifully woven scarf.

  • traditional tartan weave with a blend of camel, charcoal, light brown & cream
  • finely woven lambswool insulates against extreme cold & wind
  • long enough to wrap around multiple times
  • 100% lambswool - 210cm x 30cm
  • woven in Foxford, Ireland
  • dry clean only
  • unisex

    "My girl Jazzberry was the natural choice when deciding who should model these scarves. Though to some an odd choice for a model, my girl adores wool and genuinely loves cozying up close to me anytime I wear it."