nordic body brush made of sisal fibres
close-up view of sisal fibres on nordic body brush



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Known for their luminous and even-toned skin, many Scandinavians include dry-brushing in their self-care routines. A traditional dry brush is made from all natural materials and is a daily ritual that will leave your skin feeling supple and smooth. 

    • made from 100% natural materials: sisal, jute & wood
    • always brush towards your heart, starting at your ankles
    • use shorter, sweeping motions when brushing the skin
    • dry-brushing improves the appearance and texture of skin, revealing a softer and more even-toned complexion
    • can help eliminate cellulite by dispersing the fat molecules that have built-up below the skins surface
    • the bristles are soft enough not to damage the skin, while still providing thorough exfoliation
    • fan bristles and hang after use
    • 9" (length)

    "The Nordic body brush can be cleaned with a spritz of a natural & homemade disinfectant spray - tea tree oil and witch hazel. First fan the bristles to remove any residual flakes from your last brushing. Spritz the brush head on each side, then fan again to disperse the disinfecting spray. Fan the bristles a few more times, then hang to dry."

    Not recommended for use on delicate, damaged or sensitive skin