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225g pouch of organic CHAGA mushroom tea
back label of Chaga mushroom tea pouch
reusable cotton tea bag included


CHAGA - Organic Chaga Mushroom Tea - 225g

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Frequently called 'king of the medicinal mushrooms', the Chaga mushroom is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogenic plants help to bring the body back into balance and have beneficial effects on the nervous, immune, cardiovascular and endocrine system. By supporting the body and mind in these ways, adaptogens help us to cope with stress and stay healthy.

Our exceptional Chaga Tea is made from organic chaga mushrooms, and utilizes the fruiting body of the mushroom.

  • 100% organic chaga mushroom (powder)
  • sustainably wild-harvested in Canada
  • ideal texture to add to coffee in the morning or brew as you would a tea using the included reusable tea bag
  • the chaga mushroom has been part of Nordic folk medicine and healthcare for centuries - in Finland during WWII, many people drank chaga tea instead of coffee as beans had become so hard to source

  • packed with antioxidants, drinking chaga tea daily will help support your overall health and wellbeing, especially during the dreaded flu season!
  • 225g


The Chaga mushroom grows out of birch trees in cold-climate forests of the North, such as in Scandinavia & Canada. Chaga does not grow on all birch trees, so finding Chaga out in the wild is quite rare! Care must be taken when harvesting the mushroom, so as not to disturb the trees health. When harvesting the chaga 'conk' from the birch tree, a portion of the conk must be left on the tree to protect the wound and to ensure the Chaga will continue to grow in the future. 

"Sustainable Chaga harvesting is very important for the health of our birch trees as well as for future supply of this rare, invaluable mushroom!"