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closeup image of volcanic pumice rock



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Technically 'volcanic glass', igneous pumice rock with its brilliant exfoliating properties can be found all over Iceland which is home to more than 30 active volcanoes.

    • air bubbles trapped in the rapidly cooling lava rock, form this porous stone 
    • volcanic pumice stones are excellent at sloughing off hard dry calluses on feet
    • a staple in any cold-climate bathroom, especially used during dry winter months
    • comes wrapped in reusable cotton pouch (great for storing small items)
    • rinse & hang after use
    • 4"
    "Try pouring a drop or two of essential oil into the stone and let it hang in your shower or on a hook in your bathroom. The steam from the shower will  gently diffuse the oils, creating an intoxicating sensory experience." 
    - Trish, Owner, SCANDISKIN

    Not recommended for use on delicate, damaged or sensitive skin.