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close-up view of HVER sea salt bath milk
jar of HVER sea salt bath milk sitting on rocks near geothermal pool


HVER - Glacial Clay & Seaweed Milk Bath

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The Icelandic word for 'hot spring', HVER sea salt bath milk combines much of the nutrients and benefits you would receive from bathing in a geothermal pool (ie: The Blue Lagoon in Iceland) - but in the comfort of your own bathtub.

Light a candle, fill the tub and sprinkle the seaweed blend - then enjoy watching the water turn a glacial blue :)

  • glacial clay has phenomenal skin benefits - its ability to remove toxins from deep below the epidermis, while helping to purify. Glacial clay also replenishes beneficial minerals while maintaining constant hydration in the skin. 

  • rich in amino + fatty acids, spirulina aids in cell turnover and detoxifies
  • sea kelp is packed with antioxidants - it's high mineral content helps skin retain moisture. 
  • both sea kelp & glacial clay help brighten skin and leave it looking more radiant
  • cucumber peel which is rich in vitamin K can reduce swelling & bruising, while minimizing spider-veins and dark spots
  • unscented / cruelty free / 100% natural
  • 275g
  • jar & aluminum lid are reusable - simply peel off label and hand wash in warm water 

DIRECTIONS: While bath water is running, add 8-10 healthy scoops using wooden scoop provided. Use your hand to gently disperse into water. Watch as the tub changes colour to a milky blue colour.

After bathing, a quick 5-10 second cool water blast from the shower head will remove any residual clay/kelp powder and leave you feeling fresh & invigorated!

"HVER sea salt bath milk is my own little escape to an Icelandic geothermal pool, without leaving my bathroom. Though technically unscented, you'll likely notice a coastal scent which comes through naturally from the sea kelp. You also may notice a slight earthiness from the potent cucumber peel extract. If you're a nordic spa enthusiast, these subtle aromas will likely make you giddy!"

INGREDIENTS: sodium chloride(fine sea salt/dendritic salt/birch smoked Icelandic sea salt), magnesium sulfate(epsom salt), lac(whole cows milk), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, avena sativa(colloidal oats), cucumus sativus(cucumber peel) extract, spirulina platensis(algae) powder, ascopyllum nodosum (sea kelp) powder, sea silt(Canadian glacial clay)

For external use only. Close lid tightly after each use and avoid getting water in the jar. Those with sensitivities to iodine or cows milk should avoid use.