REN detox tea pouch
REN - Soothing Detox Tea
reusable cotton tea bag included


REN - Soothing Detox Tea

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A delicate blend of soothing botanicals that can be enjoyed anytime, but goes especially well with a good book or a warm bath. 

Subtle floral notes with a hint of citrus & mint pair beautifully with delicate sencha green tea leaves - the perfect tea for enjoying moments of solitude.

  • REN means clean in Swedish
  • includes reusable (unbleached) cotton tea bag

  • enjoyable after meal tea which aids in digestion and creates a sense of easy relaxation and calm

  • Japanese green tea blended with lemon verbena, lavender buds, heather flower, marigold petals & peppermint leaves
  • subtle floral notes with a hint of citrus (lemon verbena) pair beautifully with delicate sencha green tea
  • soothing peppermint sensation is clean & refreshing
  • anti-inflammatory properties, digestive aid, stress-relieving & detoxing
  • minimal caffeine - can be enjoyed in the evening
    • no artificial flavours or aromas
    • 100% natural tea blend
    • 50g

    DIRECTIONS: Scoop a heaping teaspoon of REN tea into the provided cotton tea bag and place in a mug. Pour (below boiling) hot water over tea bag and let steep for 5 minutes. Breathe in the sensory botanicals and enjoy :)

    "This is a delicate mint tea I imagine sipping at a nordic spa retreat, looking out over the untouched wilderness while enjoying some much-needed quiet time."

    INGREDIENTS: Japanese green(sencha) tea, peppermint leaves, lemon verbena, heather flower, lavender buds, marigold petals

    Do not consume if you have sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients listed above.