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close-up of sisal bath mitt



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Designed to scrub away rough dry skin & minimize cellulite, this loosely woven bath mitt helps reveal softer, plumper skin.

    • made from 100% natural sisal fibres
    • recommended for use on heels, calves & thighs (areas with a lot of dry skin or cellulite)
    • can help eliminate cellulite by dispersing the fat molecules that have built-up
    • mitt softens when wet - use in bath/shower
    • rinse well after use and shake excess water, then hang to dry
    • 8"
    "If you try to put your hand into the mitt when it is dry, it may be tricky depending on the size of your hand - not to worry! Submerge the mitt in warm water until the fibres have softened. It will stretch out, making room to slide your hand in."
    - Trish, Owner, SCANDISKIN

    Not recommended for use on delicate, damaged or sensitive skin.